Reviews of the latest edition

"a wealth of hard-learned knowledge from some of the most accomplished motorcyclists in existence."
Richard Newland, Motorcycle News
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Kent Advanced Motorcyclists Group - read a full review (1.13 mb)
'Great book. All the information that was in the previous version and more...'

Gerald Clarke (TSO/Driving Standards Agency's 'Safe Driving for Life')

'Essential reading for any serious motorcyclists interested in safe riding on busy, angry UK roads. A good pre-advanced training read.' (Customer review: iTunes)
'Anyone familiar with the police system will instantly recognise the format, note the improvements and additional content.'
Bob Langford (Amazon)
'New and updated for the modern motorcyclist. You don't need to be an emergency services biker to get something out of this book. Well worth a read by all bikers.'
Mr Leslie A. Spencer (Amazon)